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Stage Challenge: To BEE or Not to BEE
Where have the Bees gone?  Gathering nectar, the social bee pollinates flowers in a relationship that produces floral beauty, honey and allows the growth of essential foods for humans.  The varroa mite, the use of insecticides and monoculture farming can bring colony collapse and death to bees and eventually the end of flowers and our food supply.  Can bees survive?

Judges comments;
'So theatrical, so moving, so gentle, subtle and beautiful, set, lighting and costume all built to a wonderful climax, what an important piece of work'

'Rich, vivid, vibrant, luxurious, well constructed, love that the bees were muted, the mites ... everything was just spectatcular'

'You captivated us.  I wish I could write more but I was too busy watching'

'You took a real issue and personified it beautifully.  The Bees and the plants came alive wonderfully'

'Love the use of the props esp. the beekeepers'

'What an amazing and powerful story, told so well.  You should be so proud. Congrats I loved this'